Wedding Party Custom Mugs

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Let your Bride Tribe know just how much they mean to you with these custom mugs!

Perfect way to ask someone to be a part of your special day, or for thanking them!

Up to 3 people can be put on one side of the mug.  If you wish more please contact me and we'll work out a design.


Step 1. 

Choose your robes

(eg: Person 1 - #1, Person 2 - #12)

Step 2.

Choose your hair

(eg: Person 1 - #1, Person 2 - #12)

Step 3

Choose Accessories (optional)

(eg: Person 1 - #1, Person 2 - #3)

Step 4

Choose Robe Writing (optional)

(eg: Person 1 - #1, Person 2 - #6)

Step 5

Tell me the skin tone (light or dark)

Step 6

Legs or No Legs?

Step 7

Names under each girl (optional)

Step 8

Do you want a message on the reverse of the mug?


Options are as is and not able to be modified from the choices you see at this time.

Currently available on 11oz and 15oz white ceramic mugs

All mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe.

Have a question?  Email or Facebook me -->

I will always send a preview of the design.

Please note, if you use the "buy it with paypal" button after you fill in all the answers it gets lost in translation and i'll have to ask for it all again.  Please use the add to cart button for this listing and you can still checkout with paypal at the end.  Thanks for your understanding.