CUSTOM Sequins Pillows

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These beauties are ready to be personalized!

Done with the same technology as our mugs your design is 100% permanently transferred onto the sequins.

Currently available in red/white, silver/white, rose gold/white, black/white, fuchsia/white- NEW burgundy/gold (this new colour dark designs will work best)

Pillows are 16x16 and you can buy them with or without a cushion insert.

Designs on the pillow cover approx an 12x12 area.  Photo transfers can be done as well.  Message me on Facebook or email to talk about your custom design.

Due to the nature of the pillow and sequins not all sequins may lay completely flat.

Please note: Images printed on sequin pillows can be seen through the sequins on certain angles; the lighter the colour on the reverse of the white sequin, the more you will be able to see of the underlying image.

If you are using the sequin pillow for a surprise message, please keep it tucked away until reveal time to best keep the secret! 

If you choose shipping for this product the insert will be left in the packaging and the pillow case will be flat to help keep shipping costs down.

Turnaround time is approximately 2-3 weeks and these are not always kept in stock